Monday, August 12, 2019

A Postcard from The Pyrenees

My main entree into postcard collecting was a gift to my wife of French scenes.  Here's one I chose at random.  
 Pau Le Gave et les Pyrenees vus de la Place Royale Les Basses Pyrenees
( Pau The Gave and the Pyrenees seen from the Place Royale The Low Pyrenees)

"The Pyrenean mountain range was formed between 80 and 20 million years ago as a result of the Iberian landmass (what is now Spain and Portugal) colliding with the much larger Eurasian landmass in the region of what is now southwestern France."

I couldn't find any reference online to a Mlle Genevieve Boutel.  I had better luck with the stamps.
This stamp issued on February 8, 1945 was part of a series issued in a variety of denominations. It's known as Broken Chains, a reference I assume to the liberation of France from the Nazi's.  The 50 centime stamp had a print run of 234,842, 000.

Franconville is currently a suburb northwest of Paris.  One of its notables was post-impressionist artist, Marcel L'Enfant.
You can see his work here:

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  1. I've never had a strong desire to visit France... until now. The Pyrenees are beautiful. And those seventy-five year old stamps are awesome!

  2. Awesome post! I've been to France (twice), and spent a good deal of time in the southern part of the country, but too far east to be near the Pyrenees. Cool postcard!